sustainable material

What sustainable material mean?

Sustainable products are becoming the accepted norm in the world today and attract more interest than ever before. A sustainable product is one which protects the environment during its entire life. That is, from the moment the raw materials are extracted from the source to the time the final product is disposed of, there must be no permanent damage caused to the environment.

A sustainable material or a sustainable resource is something whose production is supported indefinitely by nature, which means, a resource is used up at the same speed that it is renewed. Wood is a sustainable resource when the trees are harvested at the same rate as new trees are planted. The key is to use this resource wisely--selecting wood from responsibly managed forests, substituting engineered wood and alternative materials where appropriate, reusing salvaged wood, and minimizing waste, so the process is slowed down and gives the trees time to mature.

How does Metroplan comply?

We are doing so by advocating and utilizing sustainable manufacturing by means of:

  • Careful planning and full van delivery policy we reduce the use of oil taken, which as a material does not regenerate and is non-sustainable
  • Using wood from sustainable forests.

What are the products it applies to?

All our Busyscreen products come on average in 86% from sustainable source. This means we can with confidence claim that from the beginning of production to disposal there is no damage to the environment caused.

Sustainable manufacturing is an essential aspect of widening efforts to create an ecologically responsible world. It requires a lot of research, local sourcing, waste control and a fair bit of open mindedness. The effort is worth it though and is a promise of a better future for those who will follow in our footsteps.