Recyclable Materials

As we are passionate about recycling our wastes and saving our ecosystem, it is crucial for us to not only use recycled materials, but also to make sure that once the product’s life span is over and the time comes for the customer to wave it goodbye, it will not become a burden for our environment. Materials we use are non-toxic, biodegradable and accepted by recycling centers.

To which product is this referring?

The reason why we call our products Eco Friendly is that we are manufacturing them from recyclable materials; our Busyscreens, Eco Friendly Noticeboards and Duo Noticeboards are made using

  • wood from sustainable forests
  • aluminium - easily recyclable and one of the most abundant metals on earth
  • additionally, 99% of packaging is cardboard which is recycled nationwide

When the time comes and the products are no longer of use they will be accepted by most recycling centers and reused.

By weight our finished products use up to 90% recycled material and are assembled using solvent & VOC free adhesives and all packaging uses recycled card. Therefore, our products can be classed as recyclable and eco-friendly and we are working very hard so that the remaining 10% can be classed as such in the nearest future.