Eco-Friendly Dual Drywipe/Noticeboards

Combination whiteboard/noticeboards offer a dry-wipe surface alongside a Velcro® friendly pinnable noticeboard.

  • Attractive light oak effect frame made from recycled material.
  • Choice of 5 felt colours or cork.


  • All products are made using non-toxic materials and no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are involved.
  • All raw materials are UK sourced and our products are made on the premises. This means cutting down the mileage so there are no harmful emissions during distribution.


By weight, the product is made from up to 81% of recycled materials

  • Board – made from 100% by-product and recycled bulking mass from the board and timber industry
  • Board Core - 60% recycled materials
  • Frame - made from 100% compressed fibres bound by water-based adhesives over wrapped with a pre-printed foil
  • Packaging - made from 99% recycled card board


By weight, the product is up to 17% recyclable

  • Board - based on 100% recyclable materials
  • Packaging - made from 99% recycled  unlined card board
  • Board Core and Frame are currently non-recyclable